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So Many Questions

Side A

Have you seen her

Did you see her pass this


What is it about her

What makes me feel this way

Is it her eyes, baby

But I'm not so sure

Is it

her laughter (is it her laughter)

Something I've never heard before.


So many questions (so many


But the answers are so few

All I really know is

I love you (I love you)

Repeat except

last line

I love you.

What is it about her

What makes me stare

What makes me wanna


My fingers thru her hair

Why she makes me feel this way

Will I find her, baby, but I'm not so


Will she be mine (will she be mine)

Can't stand this searchin' anymore.

Repeat Chorus except last


Repeat Chorus

Since the only time I see her near

Is when I close my


Should I keep it that way

The only way I can make her stay

Submitted By: lyricman